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Guinness basketball CSR

Guinness’ wheelchair basketball advert

Here’s a disability video ad produced by Guinness brewery as part of their corporate social responsibility efforts. Special thanks to Natalia who sent this in via Twitter. More corporate social responsibility campaigns can be viewed here. Follow campaigns:worth:sharing on Twitter Advertisements

Amnesty International on gay equality

Amnesty International explores discrimination based on sexual orientation in this short clip. Whilst 10 countries today allow marriage equality and treat same-sex marriages at par with opposite-sex marriages, we still hear reports of public hangings taking place in countries like Iran. According to Kaleidoscope Trust, a UK charity that works to promote equal rights for […]

What did you expect?

This one’s clever and plays on the stereotypical imagery of three black men wearing dark clothing in a badly-lit part of town.  They gesticulate in what makes the viewer think they must be part of a gang, they spot an old man who can’t start his car, rush towards him – and then they do […]