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In this 2003 paper, authors Peattie & Peattie claim that: “…the emphasis in commerce is increasingly on products that we want, but don’t particularly need. Conversely in social marketing, the emphasis is on behaviours that we need, but don’t particularly want.” Controversial? Antagonistic? Insightful? Advertisements

Would you want your daughter to marry a marketing man?

Jobber (2001, as cited in Hastings & Saren, 2003:307) cautioned that in popular parlance, marketing has earned itself a bad name and has often been equated with “deception and exploitation” intent on pushing forward capitalist and materialist agendas. As a result of these beliefs, many have written marketing off as an activity that focuses on […]

Marketing as a tool for genuine social change

Even prior to effectively coining a name for the field of social marketing, Philip Kotler was already exploring and identifying alternative uses of traditional marketing practices. In ‘Broadening the Concept of Marketing’, a paper written with Sidney Levy in 1969, he suggests that marketers were possibly being too narrow in their understanding of the field. […]