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Aflodef Handicap 1

Are people with special abilities still invisible?

With the Paralympic spirit still very much alive and with the athletes’ parade in London about to start in a few hours, I thought it was appropriate to focus on an organisation which works towards improving lives for people with special abilities. Aflodef is a Brazilian organisation which does just that.  The below two adverts […]

Fashion victim

Handicap International Luxembourg has launched this campaign focusing on the beauty and femininity of a model who has been the victim of a land mine.  Her left leg has been replaced by a prosthetic leg. The poster says that bombs and land mines are still the order of the day for certain countries and that our […]

International Paralympic Committee logo

Beth’s campaign for accessibility at the Paralympics

There’s a campaign doing the rounds online at the moment that is not backed by a charity organisation but rather by a single individual and her family.  What makes this campaign one particularly worth sharing is both the courage this person displays at pushing forward her battle despite red tape and bureaucratic opposition, and the […]