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ICRC 4 - Emergency-Room

Campaign of the Month for August 2012: ICRC’s ‘Health Care in Danger Campaign’

If you’re in London this summer there’s an outdoor exhibition that should not be missed.  Located close to the majestic Tower Bridge and a few steps away from the performing area known as The Scoop, sit a remarkable number of images shot through the attentive lens of photojournalist Tom Stoddart.  They detail his travel into […]

Amnesty - Olympics 100m

The 2008 Beijing Olympics through Amnesty’s campaigns

The London Olympics kick off in 2 days’ time and the organisers are making the final efforts to ensure that everything flows smoothly and that the city is dressed to the nines for the occasion. As I type this even the generally uncooperative weather has been pleasant and stable for the past few days, so […]