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Aflodef Handicap 1

Are people with special abilities still invisible?

With the Paralympic spirit still very much alive and with the athletes’ parade in London about to start in a few hours, I thought it was appropriate to focus on an organisation which works towards improving lives for people with special abilities. Aflodef is a Brazilian organisation which does just that.  The below two adverts […]

ICRC 4 - Emergency-Room

Campaign of the Month for August 2012: ICRC’s ‘Health Care in Danger Campaign’

If you’re in London this summer there’s an outdoor exhibition that should not be missed.  Located close to the majestic Tower Bridge and a few steps away from the performing area known as The Scoop, sit a remarkable number of images shot through the attentive lens of photojournalist Tom Stoddart.  They detail his travel into […]

International Paralympic Committee logo

Beth’s campaign for accessibility at the Paralympics

There’s a campaign doing the rounds online at the moment that is not backed by a charity organisation but rather by a single individual and her family.  What makes this campaign one particularly worth sharing is both the courage this person displays at pushing forward her battle despite red tape and bureaucratic opposition, and the […]

London Streets exhibiton

Art Exhibition in aid of Broadway: Here’s one for your diaries

Broadway is a London charity which featured in one of the first posts on this website sharing inspiring content from the non-profit world.  They are as busy as ever raising awareness on the issue of homelessness and working to provide a better future for homeless people.  An art exhibition is being organised by London Street […]

Amnesty - Olympics 100m

The 2008 Beijing Olympics through Amnesty’s campaigns

The London Olympics kick off in 2 days’ time and the organisers are making the final efforts to ensure that everything flows smoothly and that the city is dressed to the nines for the occasion. As I type this even the generally uncooperative weather has been pleasant and stable for the past few days, so […]

Celebrate Stairs Lift Tate Modern London

When you can, have a little fun

Social marketing campaigns that inspire people to positive social change don’t have to be expensive efforts that seek to mobilise millions worldwide.  Often, they don’t have to be ‘campaigns’ at all – they can be simple messages that inspire people to behave differently because of their simplicity, fluency and/or appropriateness. I find wit and humour […]

Greenpeace Polar Bears

Greenpeace on lonely polar bears

I am fascinated by most campaigns for positive social change, but I must admit Greenpeace‘s creations have always been among my favourites.   The richness and colourfulness of imagery in Greenpeace’s campaigns is second to none and a high production value in their campaigns is achieved with skills in image, audio and video elaboration.  Viewers can […]