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Book Burning Party Troy Michigan

Book Burning Party, anyone?

I am reproducing this effort having first stumbled across it on Scope’s blog. It took place in Troy, Michigan in 2012. Books are burnt, people are angered and heads are turned.  Eventually, hearts are too. It is cheap and effective, and reminds us that the future of communication is more digital than ever.   Advertisements

Drive drunk Brazil - tyres on poles

We cannot do this to all poles…

The Prefeitura de Salvador in Brazil devised a humorous manner to remind Brazilian drivers not to drink and drive. The text in Portuguese on the posters says: “We cannot do this to all poles.  If you drink, do not drive”

Like us on Facebook Unicef vaccine

Like us on Facebook and nothing will happen

Unicef Sweden (website, Facebook, Twitter) reminds us that clicking buttons and links to show our support online costs us nothing, but it hardly translates into any real help. Follow campaigns:worth:sharing on Twitter Polio vaccines, or any other vaccinations for that matter, cannot be bought with online support alone.

Safe sex for seniors

Not your average safe-sex commercial

This is certainly not your average safe-sex commercial – and that’s primarily because it is aimed at the over 60s. The over 60s are sexually active more than ever before.  We are told that in Florida sexually transmitted infections in seniors have risen by 71%. While the footage is self-explanatory, I wish we were told […]

Dumb Ways to Die Group

Dumb Ways to Die

Entertaining, memorable and highly creative – this campaign by Melbourne Metro Trains is all that and more. The effort is aimed at reminding people not to engage in any foolish behaviour around trains and train stations, e.g. not to cross over the tracks, stand too close to the platform edge or ignore stop signals close […]

10 Words to Stop Using

10 words you need to stop using

Sometimes we type faster than we can think, and find ourselves using expressions without considering their worth. But the words we use and the way we write reflect our brand and our communication exchanges.  So we need to make sure that what we say adds value to our brand name and doesn’t resort to meaningless […]

Litter and it will hurt 1

Litter and it will hurt

This 2007 campaign by the Department of Ecology at the State of Washington (website, Facebook, Twitter) aimed to reduce littering by: informing potential litterers that their littering will be spotted and that they will be fined for it engaging citizens to report offenders While carrying out its market research, the Department of Ecology easily spotted […]