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Like us on Facebook Unicef vaccine

Like us on Facebook and nothing will happen

Unicef Sweden (website, Facebook, Twitter) reminds us that clicking buttons and links to show our support online costs us nothing, but it hardly translates into any real help. Follow campaigns:worth:sharing on Twitter Polio vaccines, or any other vaccinations for that matter, cannot be bought with online support alone. Advertisements

Litter and it will hurt 1

Litter and it will hurt

This 2007 campaign by the Department of Ecology at the State of Washington (website, Facebook, Twitter) aimed to reduce littering by: informing potential litterers that their littering will be spotted and that they will be fined for it engaging citizens to report offenders While carrying out its market research, the Department of Ecology easily spotted […]

Einstein - UNHCR refugee

Dear Mr Rudd, Einstein was a refugee

Just today the Prime Minister of Australia Kevin Rudd announced that new migrants reaching Australia’s shores by boat would no longer stand a chance of being resettled in Australia as refugees. Instead, an agreement with the Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea will see migrants resettled there. Australia is effectively ‘outsourcing’ migrants. Most of Australia’s […]

UNHCR refugee game - Interrogation

Life as a refugee

Update 20 Aug: I realise the domain for the game mentioned below has expired now.  I have just informed UNHCR and asked if it will be up again shortly. — The United Nations High Commission for Refugees (website, Facebook, Twitter) produced this interactive game that seeks to mirror the life of a refugee or asylum […]

Samaritan 1 - We're in your corner

We’re in your corner

The Samaritans (website, Facebook, Twitter) provide a support service for people who may have suicidal thoughts or who may be going through a rough patch. Every day in the UK, three young people take their own lives. Help us be there, day or night. http://t.co/WKC2iIaucH — Samaritans (@samaritans) July 1, 2013 Research shows that around […]

Action for Children Emily

Today is Action for Children’s 144th anniversary

144 years today, Action for Children (website, Facebook, Twitter) timidly opened its eyes as a newborn baby. In 144 years of work, Action for Children has grown into an invaluable organisation.  It has helped countless children through difficult times and provided hope where none was there. In this video, Alastair Stewart, ITV news broadcaster and […]

Médecins Sans Frontières prove that simple can be striking

In this poster, Doctors without borders | Médecins Sans Frontières (website, Facebook, Twitter) put the point across using admirable wit, poignancy and simplicity. MSF, which celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2011, provides emergency medical care and relief supplies to those most in need. Whether the crisis being faced is a natural one or one that […]