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Give a hand to wildlife 1- fish

Give wildlife a hand

Here’s some inventive (and colourful) campaigning by WWF (website, Twitter), straight out of its Give Wildlife a Hand campaign. Advertisements

Animal experiments 1 - ENPA

ENPA on animal testing

With the below posters, the Italian organisation Ente Nazionale Protezione Animali (National Body for the Protection of Animals) continues its work helping animals which are victims of cosmetic testing, while fighting the practice altogether. The third poster reminds the audience to remember animal charities in their will, and to leave their money to those who have shown […]

IFAW on keeping the animals, not just the names

The dodo is easily one of the most popular creatures to be known to be extinct.  The bird, endemic to Mauritius, has been extinct since the 17th century but it is still fairly recognisable to most people.  It may feel like we’ve all experienced its presence throughout our lives, despite it having been absent for […]