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Amnesty Female Genitalia Mutilation/Circumcision

NSPCC & Amnesty on female genitalia mutilation (FGM)

Let me put a disclaimer out there: Amnesty International’s (website, Twitter) campaigns have always been among my favourites.  I’ve been a follower and an admirer for years and every time I think that the visual imagery of a campaign has taken the biscuit (for creativity, ingenuity, use of colour etc), I stumble across another campaign […]

Amnesty - Olympics 100m

The 2008 Beijing Olympics through Amnesty’s campaigns

The London Olympics kick off in 2 days’ time and the organisers are making the final efforts to ensure that everything flows smoothly and that the city is dressed to the nines for the occasion. As I type this even the generally uncooperative weather has been pleasant and stable for the past few days, so […]

Amnesty International on gay equality

Amnesty International explores discrimination based on sexual orientation in this short clip. Whilst 10 countries today allow marriage equality and treat same-sex marriages at par with opposite-sex marriages, we still hear reports of public hangings taking place in countries like Iran. According to Kaleidoscope Trust, a UK charity that works to promote equal rights for […]

Amnesty International’s efforts for the Beijing Olympics 2008

London is hosting the 2012 summer Olympics.  For those of us living here it is all very exciting and, despite the understandable pressure a large influx of tourists will exert on the city’s resources, we should be in for a stimulating few weeks as supporters come over to cheer their favourite competitors. In 2008, the […]