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Child abuse - neglect

Using ambient media to address child neglect

The organisation behind this effort is the Australian Childhood Foundation (website, Twitter). I like the use of ambient media that makes the life-sized mannequin look like a child trapped behind an advertising poster.   Advertisements

Unicef Landmine table soccer

Landmine alert

While most of us walk the streets keeping an eye out for chewing gum or dog excrement that irresponsible owners may have left unpicked, some people in other parts of the world are busy dodging other more deadly objects. Landmines are still a reality in around 30 countries worldwide and Unicef (website, Twitter) continues to […]

Saving water in Denver, Colorado

This corporate social responsibility campaign by Denver Water in Colorado focused on reducing consumers’ water consumption. The consumption of water had gone down by 20% each year between 2002 and 2006, but an added injection of a $500,000 advertising campaign aimed to push the figure down to 22% a year over the course of a […]

Ambient media for breast cancer awareness

I’m on a roll with efforts using ambient media to push forward social messages creatively, and, very importantly, persuasively.  Following on from the previous post, this campaign also took place in the Middle East, this time in Kuwait. In this case the marketers drew a parallel between the jolt experienced while driving over a speed […]

Environmental awareness through ambient media

Following up from mention of ambient media in the previous post, I’m highlighting another social marketing effort using this creative marketing technique.  This campaign took place in the offices of a large company in Oman a few years ago. In a bid to curtail excessive use of paper in the bathrooms, the media agency decided […]

Campaign of the month for June 2012: Wateraid’s ‘The Big Dig’

I spotted an appeal by WaterAid on Twitter a few days ago calling for bloggers to help out with a campaign they were launching, and I immediately signed up.  I had read on WaterAid’s annual report 2010-2011 that 4,000 children will have died by the end of today from diarrhoeal diseases resulting from lack of […]