Caroline Casey - Blindness Disability TED talk

On her 17th birthday, Caroline Casey made a discovery that would change her life. This is Caroline’s talk for TED, released in 2011. With equal measures of humour and passion, she talks about disability, labels, high-speed racing, elephants, dreams and how to reach them. The disability organisation Caroline founded and which she mentions in the […]

Guinness basketball CSR

Here’s a disability video ad produced by Guinness brewery as part of their corporate social responsibility efforts. Special thanks to Natalia who sent this in via Twitter. More corporate social responsibility campaigns can be viewed here. Follow campaigns:worth:sharing on Twitter

Relevance as a central determinant to creativity

While it is widely acknowledged that novelty is a major component in creative endeavours, producing work that is new, singular or unconventional is not enough for the effort to be termed creative. Many practitioners agree that an important characteristic of creative work is that what is produced is also relevant and valuable in its wider […]

Give a hand to wildlife 1- fish

Here’s some inventive (and colourful) campaigning by WWF (website, Twitter), straight out of its Give Wildlife a Hand campaign.

This is one of the most brilliant sexual health promotion clips I’ve ever come across. It comes from France, and takes place in a public loo, where the sexually-charged scribbles prominent in public loos come to life and chase each other around the toilet walls. It is a sexual health message, and the main protagonist […]

WWF Earth Hour - Turn off the lights

  Here’s a poster for Earth Hour (website, Twitter), an event that started a few years back in Sydney, but has since spread across the world. Earth Hour 2014 will take place Saturday 29 March at 8:30pm.   Earth Hour 2013 Earth Hour 2012 Earth Hour 2011

Oman Martin

The Oman Economic Review released this campaign a few years back. Martin, Jack and Johnnie had a few drinks too many and now they’re severely bandaged  up. It could have been Glen’s vodka, Gordon’s gin, or anyone else really.    Read about an ambient marketing effort from Oman