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campaigns:worth:sharing on Twitter

Follow @campaignsworth on Twitter

Non-profit organisations are increasingly focusing their efforts on reaching their audiences on a digital level.  Social media, virtually inexistent a decade ago, has become a space that organisations must become proficient in and conversant with. Follow campaigns:worth:sharing on Twitter – tweeting (and retweeting) about social marketing campaigns, social media practices, digital innovations, non-profit work, politics, current […]

I’m off backpacking in Australia

I will be backpacking in Australia between November 2012 and May 2013 so will have considerably less time to follow up on non-profit campaigns and update this website. During my time traveling I will be keeping an eye out for creative and engaging Australian campaigns to post about when I’m back.

campaigns:worth:sharing on Twitter

We’re live on Twitter!

campaigns:worth:sharing is now on Twitter. Follow the posts and help spread the positive social campaigns you believe in!  

“A blog about what?”

This blog sees its inception in Soho, London.  I met a friend over a coffee somewhere in Old Compton Street sometime in early 2012, and having chatted away for some time, he surprises me with “You should start a blog”.  My initial reaction was to blurt out “A blog about what?”  Of course I knew […]