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Oman Martin

Martin, Jack and Johnnie on driving sober

The Oman Economic Review released this campaign a few years back. Martin, Jack and Johnnie had a few drinks too many and now they’re severely bandaged  up. It could have been Glen’s vodka, Gordon’s gin, or anyone else really.    Read about an ambient marketing effort from Oman Advertisements

Drive drunk Brazil - tyres on poles

We cannot do this to all poles…

The Prefeitura de Salvador in Brazil devised a humorous manner to remind Brazilian drivers not to drink and drive. The text in Portuguese on the posters says: “We cannot do this to all poles.  If you drink, do not drive”

Dumb Ways to Die Group

Dumb Ways to Die

Entertaining, memorable and highly creative – this campaign by Melbourne Metro Trains is all that and more. The effort is aimed at reminding people not to engage in any foolish behaviour around trains and train stations, e.g. not to cross over the tracks, stand too close to the platform edge or ignore stop signals close […]

Litter and it will hurt 1

Litter and it will hurt

This 2007 campaign by the Department of Ecology at the State of Washington (website, Facebook, Twitter) aimed to reduce littering by: informing potential litterers that their littering will be spotted and that they will be fined for it engaging citizens to report offenders While carrying out its market research, the Department of Ecology easily spotted […]

Speeding NSW

Speeding is uncool – The Pinkie Campaign

Research shows that young drivers are over-represented in fatal car crashes in New South Wales. While the 17-24 age group accounted for 14% of driving licence holders between 2002 and 2006, 34% of fatal car crashes involved drivers from this age group. Target market spotted. Seeing that young people get a rush out of driving […]

Bike Clown Brigade

“Unprecedented! The cops obey the clowns!”

NYC is possibly the loudest, most chaotic, most in-your-face city I have visited.  I live in London, for crying out loud, but traffic here pales in comparison to congestion in NYC.  Despite enjoying my stay, I remember leaving NYC thinking that drivers use their horns more than they use their steering wheels. I visited the […]

Human inventions complementing nature – CSR by Toyota

Another simple but creative CSR poster where Toyota recreates a tree trunk through the use of a human hand to depict that human inventions should complement nature not harm it, interfere with it or seek to replace it.