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For more information on lung cancer, keep smoking

For more information on lung cancer…

Focusing on the second anti-smoking campaign in as many days, the below poster by The Lung Association of British Columbia is one that does not waste time beating around the bush.  It is direct, challenging and unashamedly blunt. If you’re in Canada, don’t want any more information on lung cancer but could do with a hand […]

No smoking temperature

Live to see it

An outstanding effort by Brazilian organisation ADESF displaying an admirable sense of both imagination and humour. If you want to still be around to witness these major changes, you need to stop smoking now.  Chapeau.

‘You worry about me. But why not about yourself?’

Here is an exceptional effort by the Thai Health Promotion Foundation aimed towards smokers. It is exceptional because of the way in which the campaign is crafted, but especially because the Foundation made the target audience spell out themselves what normally would need to be reminded to them. So instead of lecturing smokers about the […]

Now look what you did

I like squirrels, and I don’t like cigarettes.  You irresponsibly threw your cigarette out of the window – and now look what you did.