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Why do you need to sign in and verify your age to watch sexual health promotional clips?

This is one of the most brilliant sexual health promotion clips I’ve ever come across. It comes from France, and takes place in a public loo, where the sexually-charged scribbles prominent in public loos come to life and chase each other around the toilet walls. It is a sexual health message, and the main protagonist […]

Safe sex for seniors

Not your average safe-sex commercial

This is certainly not your average safe-sex commercial – and that’s primarily because it is aimed at the over 60s. The over 60s are sexually active more than ever before.  We are told that in Florida sexually transmitted infections in seniors have risen by 71%. While the footage is self-explanatory, I wish we were told […]

Amnesty Female Genitalia Mutilation/Circumcision

NSPCC & Amnesty on female genitalia mutilation (FGM)

Let me put a disclaimer out there: Amnesty International’s (website, Twitter) campaigns have always been among my favourites.  I’ve been a follower and an admirer for years and every time I think that the visual imagery of a campaign has taken the biscuit (for creativity, ingenuity, use of colour etc), I stumble across another campaign […]