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Like us on Facebook and nothing will happen

Unicef Sweden (website, Facebook, Twitter) reminds us that clicking buttons and links to show our support online costs us nothing, but it hardly translates into any real help. Follow campaigns:worth:sharing on Twitter Polio vaccines, or any other vaccinations for that matter, cannot be bought with online support alone. Advertisements

‘I need no job’ by Stop Child Labour

According to statistics on Stop Child Labour‘s website, the International Labour Organisation estimates that there are more than 215,000,000 children who are working – 60% of these work in agriculture while 7.5% work in heavy industry. Stop Child Labour believes that ‘school is the best place to work’.  From our end as consumers, we should […]

WaterAid’s ‘The Big Dig’ is going strong and aiming higher

WaterAid’s ‘The Big Dig’ was Campaign of the Month for June 2012 on campaigns:worth:sharing.  Since the launch of the campaign, WaterAid has some fantastic news to share. In late July 2012, they had already collected £1.2 million, more than they had originally aimed for in that period of time. With time still to go before […]

Unusual dinner settings

Two organisations working on related matters produced campaigns centred around a similar idea.  I thought I’d combine them in one post. The below 2 posters come from the United Nations’ World Food Programme, which aims to fight and eradicate hunger worldwide.  In their efforts to raise awareness on the issue of world hunger, in 2011 […]

Campaign of the month for June 2012: Wateraid’s ‘The Big Dig’

I spotted an appeal by WaterAid on Twitter a few days ago calling for bloggers to help out with a campaign they were launching, and I immediately signed up.  I had read on WaterAid’s annual report 2010-2011 that 4,000 children will have died by the end of today from diarrhoeal diseases resulting from lack of […]

St Christopher’s and Shelter join forces to fight homelessness

We’re endorsing another effort aimed to educate youth who may be facing homelessness problems by highlighting a campaign which St Christopher’s launched recently in partnership with Shelter. I got in touch with both charities to ask whether they wanted to add anything to the campaign, and below are their comments. Phil Townsend, Deputy Director of Operations […]

Broadway London on homelessness

I was taking a leisurely walk down Portobello Road in Notting Hill on a sunny day (on my birthday) last week, and I came across this poster by Broadway, a charity that I had admittedly never heard of. From their own website, “Broadway’s Street Outreach Teams make contact with people sleeping on the streets in […]