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Lauren Luke Refuge domestic violence

The art of covering up

I recently went to the Connecting for Good workshop as part of Social Media Week London and someone mentioned this campaign about domestic violence that I was unfamiliar with. The organisation Lauren Luke speaks of is called Refuge (website, Twitter). Advertisements

Amnesty Female Genitalia Mutilation/Circumcision

NSPCC & Amnesty on female genitalia mutilation (FGM)

Let me put a disclaimer out there: Amnesty International’s (website, Twitter) campaigns have always been among my favourites.  I’ve been a follower and an admirer for years and every time I think that the visual imagery of a campaign has taken the biscuit (for creativity, ingenuity, use of colour etc), I stumble across another campaign […]

Domestic violence RICADV - punching bag

Neither punching bags nor slabs of beef

The Rhode Island Coalition Against Domestic Violence issued these posters a few years back.  In their struggle to campaign for safe, violence-free homes, the Coalition put together these adverts depicting women as punching bags or as slabs of lifeless beef. The text at the bottom may not be immediately clear.  It reads ‘Most men agree, but […]