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Amnesty International posters for Blog Action Day 2013

Today is Blog Action Day 2013 and the topic of discussion is human rights worldwide. Join the conversation on Twitter using the #Bad2013 and #HumanRights hash tags. This website’s contribution to Blog Action Day 2013 are four posters that Amnesty International (website, Twitter) released a few years back. Advertisements

Domestic violence RICADV - punching bag

Neither punching bags nor slabs of beef

The Rhode Island Coalition Against Domestic Violence issued these posters a few years back.  In their struggle to campaign for safe, violence-free homes, the Coalition put together these adverts depicting women as punching bags or as slabs of lifeless beef. The text at the bottom may not be immediately clear.  It reads ‘Most men agree, but […]

Marriage equality efforts in Ireland and Australia

The UK is set to expand its legal framework to acknowledge same-sex marriages at par with opposite-sex marriages.  When the new legislation comes into effect (and it has always been a matter of when, and not if), same-sex couples will be awarded the same rights and responsibilities in marriage as their family and friends in […]

Campaign of the Month for July 2012: Kaleidoscope’s ‘Illegal to be you’

We’re hardly out of the first week of July but the choice for Campaign of the Month at campaigns:worth:sharing is clear.  Launched last week, Kaleidoscope’s ‘Illegal to be you’ campaign attempts to make people realise how deeply we feel about being ostracised and barred from going on with our lives as we please by characteristics […]

Amnesty International on gay equality

Amnesty International explores discrimination based on sexual orientation in this short clip. Whilst 10 countries today allow marriage equality and treat same-sex marriages at par with opposite-sex marriages, we still hear reports of public hangings taking place in countries like Iran. According to Kaleidoscope Trust, a UK charity that works to promote equal rights for […]

ILGA-Portugal’s anti-homophobia campaign

ILGA-Portugal released this campaign in January 2005 with an intention of challenging homophobic attitudes in Portugal.