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WWF Earth Hour - Turn off the lights

Do the world a favour

  Here’s a poster for Earth Hour (website, Twitter), an event that started a few years back in Sydney, but has since spread across the world. Earth Hour 2014 will take place Saturday 29 March at 8:30pm.   Earth Hour 2013 Earth Hour 2012 Earth Hour 2011 Advertisements

Litter and it will hurt 1

Litter and it will hurt

This 2007 campaign by the Department of Ecology at the State of Washington (website, Facebook, Twitter) aimed to reduce littering by: informing potential litterers that their littering will be spotted and that they will be fined for it engaging citizens to report offenders While carrying out its market research, the Department of Ecology easily spotted […]

Flash mob to celebrate an environmental hero

I stumbled across this video again this morning after having seen it a while back.  It brought a smile to my face and reminded me how often the message relayed in non-profit campaigns should consist of simple actions that are easy to complete and that interfere with the audience’s existing habits as little as possible. […]

Human inventions complementing nature – CSR by Toyota

Another simple but creative CSR poster where Toyota recreates a tree trunk through the use of a human hand to depict that human inventions should complement nature not harm it, interfere with it or seek to replace it.

Greenpeace Polar Bears

Greenpeace on lonely polar bears

I am fascinated by most campaigns for positive social change, but I must admit Greenpeace‘s creations have always been among my favourites.   The richness and colourfulness of imagery in Greenpeace’s campaigns is second to none and a high production value in their campaigns is achieved with skills in image, audio and video elaboration.  Viewers can […]

Saving water in Denver, Colorado

This corporate social responsibility campaign by Denver Water in Colorado focused on reducing consumers’ water consumption. The consumption of water had gone down by 20% each year between 2002 and 2006, but an added injection of a $500,000 advertising campaign aimed to push the figure down to 22% a year over the course of a […]

Environmental awareness through ambient media

Following up from mention of ambient media in the previous post, I’m highlighting another social marketing effort using this creative marketing technique.  This campaign took place in the offices of a large company in Oman a few years ago. In a bid to curtail excessive use of paper in the bathrooms, the media agency decided […]