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Relevance as a central determinant to creativity

Relevance as a central determinant for creative work

While it is widely acknowledged that novelty is a major component in creative endeavours, producing work that is new, singular or unconventional is not enough for the effort to be termed creative. Many practitioners agree that an important characteristic of creative work is that what is produced is also relevant and valuable in its wider […]

What Creativity Is Not

What Creativity is not

Many misconceptions still linger about the essence of creativity, what it means to be creative and what the output of creative work is like. When used in popular parlance, creativity is at times loosely linked to acts of flamboyance or randomness – if someone does something unusual, absurd or unexpected, they may get called creative […]

Creativity: A Prelude

Creativity is often considered to be a relatively misunderstood phenomenon. Like ‘marketing’, it is a term that is regularly used and repeatedly abused – often twisted, bent and misapplied to the extent that anything odd or curious can end up being labelled ‘creative’. Since it is not a well-bound concept and one over which academic […]