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Guinness basketball CSR

Guinness’ wheelchair basketball advert

Here’s a disability video ad produced by Guinness brewery as part of their corporate social responsibility efforts. Special thanks to Natalia who sent this in via Twitter. More corporate social responsibility campaigns can be viewed here. Follow campaigns:worth:sharing on Twitter Advertisements

Oman Martin

Martin, Jack and Johnnie on driving sober

The Oman Economic Review released this campaign a few years back. Martin, Jack and Johnnie had a few drinks too many and now they’re severely bandaged  up. It could have been Glen’s vodka, Gordon’s gin, or anyone else really.    Read about an ambient marketing effort from Oman

Human inventions complementing nature – CSR by Toyota

Another simple but creative CSR poster where Toyota recreates a tree trunk through the use of a human hand to depict that human inventions should complement nature not harm it, interfere with it or seek to replace it.

The GFN looks at food banking to end hunger

In its tireless efforts towards alleviating hunger, the Global Food Banking Network asks if readers have ‘seen the face of hunger’. I think that’s a very direct and clever way of putting a powerful concept into words and giving it a humane figure.  It may be easy to forget that a person who goes hungry […]

The Fun Theory – Stairs vs Escalator (by Volkswagen)

So this may not meet the criteria of a campaign ‘reaping no financial gain for the marketer’, because the marketer is Volkswagen, a for-profit company. It however does fit into an organisation’s Corporate Social Responsibility portfolio, and the creative effort put into this endeavour is considerable and commendable. If all staircases were like this one, […]