From a young age I have always been more fascinated by the ‘selling’ of ideas rather than that of products or services.  I believe more thought must go into selling beliefs, ideas and behaviours because the audience is not necessarily a willingly receptive one.

By means of this blog, I aim to collect the social marketing campaigns which I find most inspiring and which I believe are campaigns worth sharing.  I’m also doing this because I believe there are a lot of social issues out there that need to be tackled and that grouping all the best social efforts in one website may help in spreading the message of positive social change.

And while I may not be able to physically chase and give a proper telling off to all those who drive recklessly, litter carelessly or do all sorts of irresponsible behaviour, I can collect and share efforts aimed at addressing these issues – and hope that more people are influenced and that we all learn something in the process.

Due to my interest in the field, I focused on social marketing campaigns while writing my M.A. dissertation in 2011.  Its title is ‘Inspiring people to social change’ and its aim was to analyse the use of creative thought in social marketing efforts aiming towards positive social change.  If you think it may help you in your work let me know and I’ll be happy to send you a PDF copy.

This blog has 2 main audiences: students who may be interested to pursue studies in social marketing and social marketing practitioners who may be on the lookout for ideas or inspiration.  I hope that the inclusion of references helps students acquaint themselves with the leading authors in the field, and that the variety of campaigns posted inspire social practitioners to come up with engaging marketing efforts.

If you’re neither a student nor a social marketing practitioner, you’re still welcome to look around and check out some of my favourite campaigns.  And tell me if you have any of your own and I’ll consider them for uploading.

As with my thesis, this blog goes out to those whose mouths are forced shut, but who fearlessly, relentlessly and resiliently find ways to speak up.





  1. matthew Mifsud · · Reply

    Fantastic blog Ben! really enjoyed it! keep it up!

  2. Inspiring content Ber, very glad you decided to create this blog!

  3. Hans Gutbrod · · Reply

    great blog, thank you!

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