Dumb Ways to Die

Entertaining, memorable and highly creative – this campaign by Melbourne Metro Trains is all that and more.

The effort is aimed at reminding people not to engage in any foolish behaviour around trains and train stations, e.g. not to cross over the tracks, stand too close to the platform edge or ignore stop signals close to railway crossings while driving.

The campaign was launched in November 2012 but is still being marketed to this day.

I was in Melbourne between April and May and I did spot these funny images stuck on the floors at Flinders Street Station – but while finding them amusing, I could not figure out what they were for because there was no mention of trains.

Stumbling across this video and its catchy song now, it all suddenly makes sense.

Dumb Ways to Die Snake

The campaign used a variety of online tools:

  • A Tumblr blog, here;
  • A website, here;
  • The above YouTube video, watched more than 55 million times since it was uploaded in November 2012;
  • A free game app for iPad, iPod touch and iPhone devices.

Dumb Ways to Die Bear

Dumb Ways to Die Train

Dumb Ways to Die Moose

Perhaps most importantly, it uses humour – black humour in this case.

The ad involves no preaching and no telling off.

Humour puts the marketer and the audience on an almost equal plane and makes the message feel less like a command and more like a friendly nudge to action.


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