Speeding is uncool – The Pinkie Campaign

Research shows that young drivers are over-represented in fatal car crashes in New South Wales.

While the 17-24 age group accounted for 14% of driving licence holders between 2002 and 2006, 34% of fatal car crashes involved drivers from this age group.

Target market spotted.

Seeing that young people get a rush out of driving fast and consider it as almost proof of adulthood (or manhood, really, considering most speeders are male), the campaign sought to make speeding socially unacceptable.

Following these findings, the Centre for Road Safety within Transport for NSW in Australia put together a campaign to reduce the number of fatalities on the roads of New South Wales.

Interestingly, research also shows that young drivers fail to connect with horror stories and imagery of car crash fatalities.  The campaigners therefore sought to resort to another tactic.

The ‘Pinkie campaign’ is born.

Pedestrians and fellow passengers are seen disapproving of a driver’s speeding.  They don’t say so – they imply so in a manner which makes the driver uncomfortable.

Are fast drivers equating fast driving with manhood?  Well, other people equate it to quite the opposite.

The message being put across is that fast drivers are trying to compensate for deficiencies in other departments – fast drivers are not very well endowed.

For an age range where coming across as adult is considerably important, being thought of as not well-endowed is a confronting scenario for young men, and one that will make drivers think twice before stepping hard on their accelerator and zooming off.


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