Life as a refugee

Update 20 Aug: I realise the domain for the game mentioned below has expired now.  I have just informed UNHCR and asked if it will be up again shortly.

The United Nations High Commission for Refugees (website, Facebook, Twitter) produced this interactive game that seeks to mirror the life of a refugee or asylum seeker.

Appropriately called Play Against All Odds, the game can be accessed here.  The game follows a character of your choice through a turbulent journey that starts with oppression and persecution in the character’s country of origin.

Read: Dear Mr Rudd, Einstein was a refugee

It has 3 scenarios with 4 situations in each.

You are asked to register but you don’t have to and you can easily play without registering.

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By playing the virtual refugee, you can choose what the refugees do, how they speak, and how they generally behave in a country in which they know nobody and which may not necessarily be willingly receptive of foreigners.

UNHCR refugee game - 3 scenarios

UNHCR refugee game - Welcome screen

If you are pressed for time, I recommend trying out at least the first situation (click on 1 under the War and Conflict scenario), where you are interviewed by an army officer.  A print screen can be found below.

UNHCR refugee game - Interrogation

If you make it through the interview and conform to what is expected of you, you may be allowed to try out life for yourself in a new and unfamiliar country.  You more than likely do not speak the language of the locals nor do you understand their customs.

But that’s life as an asylum seeker for you.

UNHCR refugee game - Shelter

UNHCR refugee game - Job


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