We’re in your corner

The Samaritans (website, Facebook, Twitter) provide a support service for people who may have suicidal thoughts or who may be going through a rough patch.

Research shows that around 3,000 middle-aged men take their own lives each year.

Specifically aimed to target this subgroup, the Samaritans’ We’re in Your Corner campaign was launched in September 2012.

A 20-page media report called Men and Suicide – Why it’s a social issue can be found here.

I found this research finding particularly enlightening:

  • men in mid-life are now part of the ‘buffer’ generation, not sure whether to be like their older, more traditional, strong, silent, austere fathers or like their younger, more  progressive, individualistic sons’

The below 3 posters – showing a boxing trainer in his 50s, a soldier in his 40s and a workman in his 30s – were produced after market research and focus group exercises.

Samaritan 1 - We're in your corner

Samaritan 2 - We're in your corner

Samaritan 3 - We're in your corner

I found it very interesting to read about reactions obtained from the focus group, where we’re told the idea of a musician and a rugby player was scrapped and the workman was introduced instead of them.

Finally, a big well done to whoever was in charge of the Samaritans’ social media during the recent BBC shows Don’t Call Me Crazy and Football’s Suicide Secret and who posted tweets like the below:


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