Landmine alert

While most of us walk the streets keeping an eye out for chewing gum or dog excrement that irresponsible owners may have left unpicked, some people in other parts of the world are busy dodging other more deadly objects.

Landmines are still a reality in around 30 countries worldwide and Unicef (website, Twitter) continues to provide humanitarian action to people affected.

Landmines and unexploded ordnance indiscriminately kill and mutilate thousands of people every year.  Some may have been positioned decades ago in a time of war or civil unrest.  Even if a conflict is over, a landmine can lie dormant and undisturbed for a long time – until someone steps on it, with catastrophic repercussions.

Unicef commissioned these 2 engaging campaigns to raise awareness about unexploded landmines.

In the first effort, a table-soccer was set up for people to play with.  The considerable difference was that some of the play figures had only one leg.  Some had no legs at all.

Unicef Landmine table soccer

Unicef Landmine table soccer

The second campaign is one that I am particularly passionate about since it uses the very engaging tool of ambient media.  The advertising agency involved placed stickers face up on the pavement.

The stickers were made to blend in with the surface they were placed on so they were invisible until they were stepped on.  The reverse side then displayed the image of a landmine.

Unicef Landmine Stickers

Unicef Landmine Stickers

Previous posts on campaigns:worth:sharing dealing with landmines can be found here.


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