Flash mob to celebrate an environmental hero

I stumbled across this video again this morning after having seen it a while back.  It brought a smile to my face and reminded me how often the message relayed in non-profit campaigns should consist of simple actions that are easy to complete and that interfere with the audience’s existing habits as little as possible.

I can’t find which organisation in Quebec was responsible for this flash mob celebration.  The flash mob takes place after a passer-by picks up an empty bottle and throws it in the bin where it belongs.

I suspect that the passer-by, while possibly excited at being cheered by hundreds of people for having done something which for her could have been only natural, may have also felt slightly embarrassed at seeing cameras suddenly pounce out of nowhere.  She may look suspiciously around her the next time she sees a lone bottle lying on the floor, but the real message here goes out to the audience watching the video online.

Every time we dispose of our rubbish thoughtfully we are heroes for the environment.

Unsung heroes, perhaps, but heroes nonetheless.


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