WaterAid’s ‘The Big Dig’ is going strong and aiming higher

WaterAid’s ‘The Big Dig’ was Campaign of the Month for June 2012 on campaigns:worth:sharing.  Since the launch of the campaign, WaterAid has some fantastic news to share.

In late July 2012, they had already collected £1.2 million, more than they had originally aimed for in that period of time.

With time still to go before the end of the project, WaterAid is aiming higher and, counting on the public’s continued generosity, aim to reach a target of £2 million by 18 September, when the appeal ends.

The funds collected will be used to facilitate access to safe, clean water for more than 134,000 people in Malawi.

To make us all aware of what life without clean water is like, WaterAid have recounted the heart-breaking story of 8 month old Baby Winard, born in the Bokola village in Malawi.  After becoming very ill with vomiting and diarrhoea, he was rushed to hospital and put on an intravenous rehydration drip.  The reason why he became ill is because his family had no access to clean water and so they often drank dirty, contaminated water from an unprotected scoop hole.

Thankfully Baby Winard recovered, but all around Malawi there are hundreds of thousands of other families and children facing the same situation every day of their lives.

But families in Malawi should not have to go to the hospital to get access to safe drinking water.  This situation stands in the way of families leading happy, healthy, dignified lives and lets people remain dependent on the support systems that should be there for emergency situations.

A contribution to WaterAid could help end this and provide thousands of people in Malawi with clean water just like you and I would expect to find in our homes and cities.  The video below shows us how we can contribute.

A great event to continue raise funds for WaterAid is taking place on Saturday 15 September.  It is called Coast Along for WaterAid 2012 and the tagline for the event is ‘Walk for water so others don’t have to’.  Let’s never forget that whereas we take access to clean water for granted, many people have to walk for miles to and from the nearest well, or risk drinking contaminated water that leads to disease, illness, and ultimately, untimely death.

I would love to be able to join for these walks but sadly will be away on the day.  I have seen the list of walks on display, and they all look very pleasant.  Personally I would wholeheartedly suggest the South Downs walk passing through the quaint town of East Dean to anyone thinking of going.  I walked from Seaford to Eastbourne last month all along the Seven Sisters, and it was amazingly beautiful.  Here’s a photo I took from Birling Gap in June to tempt you to hop along to this walk and support WaterAid.

Birling Gap photo, June 2012


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