Art Exhibition in aid of Broadway: Here’s one for your diaries

Broadway is a London charity which featured in one of the first posts on this website sharing inspiring content from the non-profit world.  They are as busy as ever raising awareness on the issue of homelessness and working to provide a better future for homeless people.  An art exhibition is being organised by London Street Prints in aid of Broadway at Gloves Boxing Club, West Hampstead (North London) on Saturday 4th August from 5:30pm.

I sadly will not be able to drop by but I encourage you to have a look at what artwork there is on sale and consider taking one or two pieces home with you.  All exhibits are on sale for £49 – you can have a sneak peek at them here.

London is experiencing a time of celebration and general merriment with the Olympic and Paralympic Games being held in the city over the summer months.  While the Government aimed to end homelessness on the streets of London by the start of the Games, research by Broadway show that in 2012 the number of homeless people registered a 43% increase over 2011.

And while the majority of people in London are enjoying the vibe around the city and welcoming visitors for all over, homeless Londoners still experience the hurdles of daily lives which the Games have not changed for the better.

See how Broadway affects people’s life positively by reading Jay’s story here.

Specifically on this exhibition, Kirsty Telford, Fundraising Manager at Broadway said

“With the Jubilee and Olympic celebrations this year, there is a real focus on London, and it is so important that the city’s most vulnerable people are helped during this time. London Street Prints gives us a chance to show that in this time of wealth and celebration, people have not forgotten those most in need.”

London Streets exhibiton


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  1. Hi Campaigns Worth Sharing – we are delighted that you are promoting our exciting London Street Prints project! Thank you. Just as an added incentive we’re going to offer the prints at a special price of £45 (and free p&p) if people buy on the day. Framed prints will also be on-sale.

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