The 2008 Beijing Olympics through Amnesty’s campaigns

The London Olympics kick off in 2 days’ time and the organisers are making the final efforts to ensure that everything flows smoothly and that the city is dressed to the nines for the occasion. As I type this even the generally uncooperative weather has been pleasant and stable for the past few days, so here’s hoping it will last.

Four years ago the Olympics were held in Beijing. Following a previous post on Amnesty International’s work around the Beijing Olympics, this post brings back to life some posters related to human rights abuses in China released around that time.

While in an Olympic scenario, a pistol, a boxing glove and a swimming pool would be used in competitions, they may all be twisted to a different use in a country that – Amnesty reports here – still abuses the human rights of some of its citizens.

Amnesty - Olympics 100m

Amnesty - Olympics boxing

Amnesty - Olympics logo

Amnesty - Olympics sprinter

On a lighter note, on Monday I saw the Olympic torch march past me at Haydons Road in SW London. Below are some photos.

Olympic Torch Relay 3Olympic Torch Relay 2


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