When you can, have a little fun

Social marketing campaigns that inspire people to positive social change don’t have to be expensive efforts that seek to mobilise millions worldwide.  Often, they don’t have to be ‘campaigns’ at all – they can be simple messages that inspire people to behave differently because of their simplicity, fluency and/or appropriateness.

I find wit and humour to be very effective when introducing people to a particular type of behaviour or when reminding them of it.  Humour puts the marketer and the audience on an almost equal plane and makes the message feel less like a command and more like a friendly nudge to action.

I took the below photo at the Tate Modern in London on Tuesday 17 July.  It made me smile and I could not resist snapping away.

Celebrate Stairs Lift Tate Modern London

The below lovely example of wit and fluency of language could be found at the back of subway tickets sold in New York as well as on some signs placed along platforms.

New York Platforms Zest Life

The remaining two photos were found online and remind their audiences of important behaviour in a friendly tone and manner while not distracting from the message at hand.

Safe Zoo AnimalsExit Building Tweet

Should you find yourself transported to Twitter soon after reading this post, you can follow campaigns:worth:sharing‘s account right here.



  1. brilliant 🙂

    1. Glad you like it – they made me smile too.

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