Greenpeace on lonely polar bears

I am fascinated by most campaigns for positive social change, but I must admit Greenpeace‘s creations have always been among my favourites.   The richness and colourfulness of imagery in Greenpeace’s campaigns is second to none and a high production value in their campaigns is achieved with skills in image, audio and video elaboration.  Viewers can hardly feel indifferent to the cause at hand.

This may be the first mention of Greenpeace on this website but I know there’ll be more to come.

I was reminded of Greenpeace’s campaigns when its activists made the news in the UK after closing down around 60 Shell petrol stations while raising awareness of abusive oil drilling.  And so I dug into my archives and fished out a few of their efforts.

The polar bear is always a favourite mascot for efforts aimed at wildlife and especially Arctic preservation.  In the above campaign a polar bear once again gets cast as lead actor during an unsettling one-‘man’ show in a performance that we would rather not have to sit through.

I know the West London Greenpeace group were going to hit the streets of Kensington a week or so ago but had to postpone due to heavy rain.  Here’s to ample opportunity to campaign in the coming days and weeks.

I am making it a point to join in too.

Greenpeace Polar Bears

I love the creativity that goes into making people give their hands to wildlife when carrying these Greenpeace bags.

Greenpeace bags: Give me your hand


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