Rethink Breast Cancer takes cancer seriously, with added humour

I came across this lovely video from Rethink Breast Cancer.  The campaign approaches breast cancer awareness from an unconventional way and augments its creative element by embracing technology to highlight its message.  I find the video cheeky in a novel and refreshing sort of manner.

I downloaded the app called YMR (Your Man Reminder) for free from iTunes to check it out.  It allows ladies (and men too, lest we allow ourselves to be fooled that breast cancer only affects women) to be reminded about checking their breasts by some rather handsome blokes (you get a choice of six) appearing on screen with a short message.

The reminders can be set as one wishes, e.g. every Thursday, on the 14th of each month or by surprise.

I love the clever idea of moving closer to people by developing an app for the audience’s smart phones.  Going forward, I think more direct focus on this marketing P – in this case Place (or Distribution) – is going to be central as more of us carry smart phones around with us and use them for everything from snapping photos to finding our way in a new city.

Now they can be used to keep our bodies healthy and fit, and, as Anthony says on the app, to practice a bit of TLC.


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