Unusual dinner settings

Two organisations working on related matters produced campaigns centred around a similar idea.  I thought I’d combine them in one post.

The below 2 posters come from the United Nations’ World Food Programme, which aims to fight and eradicate hunger worldwide.  In their efforts to raise awareness on the issue of world hunger, in 2011 WFP also produced this Hunger Map which identifies the territories where hunger is most prevalent.

Quoting from it, “the number of undernourished people worldwide is just under 1 billion – equivalent to the population of North America and Europe combined.”

Another organisation whose campaign could be said to be similar to the above is that of the Fr Bob Maguire Foundation in Australia.What makes the above effort strike out is that this is not a poster.  It is a real bin somewhere out in the streets of Australia.  It shows brilliant use of ambient media: look at the environment around you, identify its key attributes and integrate your message into it.  Thus random passers-by who went to dispose of their rubbish in this bin would have been exposed to the message that what for them is a rubbish bin could be the source of dinner for someone else.


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