Handicap International is sweeping real mines

In the below 2 posters, Handicap International provides an unusual perspective to the hugely popular computer game Minesweeper.  Operating in 60 countries worldwide, Handicap International works to improve living conditions of, and access to equal rights to people with a disability.

By taking what is a widely-known game and linking the concept to the devastation brought about by hidden mines, the creators of the campaign show the ability to look at ideas from a different point of view and to communicate outside of normal boundaries.

The levels to be faced in this ‘game’ are no longer simply numbered from 1 upwards – they are identified by countries and territories where hidden land mines indiscriminately kill and mutilate innocent civilians.

And the objective of this ‘game’ is not to go through all the levels without setting off any mines.  It is to rid these real territories of the hidden threats which cause untold pain and devastation, and to allow the people living in the area to lead safe lives as is only their right as human beings.


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