Ambient media for breast cancer awareness

I’m on a roll with efforts using ambient media to push forward social messages creatively, and, very importantly, persuasively.  Following on from the previous post, this campaign also took place in the Middle East, this time in Kuwait.

In this case the marketers drew a parallel between the jolt experienced while driving over a speed bump and the discovery of a bump on one’s breast.  Placing a sign a few metres away from the speed bump, the message reminded drivers that if they felt the speed bump, they should get their breasts checked – as bumps there are infinitely more dangerous than bumps on the road.

What inspires me about this form of campaigning is the astuteness of using something that is already present in the environments in which we live, combined with the creative capacity of turning it on its head or modifying its use to serve another purpose.

Breast cancer is much more predominant in women, but Cancer Research UK does dedicate a page to breast cancer in men while saying that one man is diagnosed with breast cancer “for every 150 women diagnosed”.

Also quoting from Cancer Research UK, we are told that the “symptoms, diagnosis and treatment [for men] are all very similar to women with breast cancer.”


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