Campaign of the month for June 2012: Wateraid’s ‘The Big Dig’

I spotted an appeal by WaterAid on Twitter a few days ago calling for bloggers to help out with a campaign they were launching, and I immediately signed up.  I had read on WaterAid’s annual report 2010-2011 that 4,000 children will have died by the end of today from diarrhoeal diseases resulting from lack of access to clean water.

Just today, Monday 18 June, Wateraid have launched their new exciting appeal, called The Big Dig.

In a world where many of us now consider internet access to be as important and as obvious as access to water, we may struggle to believe that some people still do not have access to clean water, let alone high-speed internet.  If there ever was a campaign worth sharing, this is it.

WaterAid’s The Big Dig is campaigns:worth:sharing‘s Campaign of the Month for June 2012.

The work is being carried out in Malawi, and the plan is to dig 34 new boreholes and 43 shallow wells, to build 20,500 latrines in homes and schools and to train 2,160 hygiene educators.  All funds raised will be matched by the UK Department for International Development.  Wateraid is aiming to raise £1.2 million to bring clean, safe water to more than 134,000 people in rural Malawi.

Currently in Malawi, 1 in 5 people have no supply of clean water, and nearly 1 in 2 has to cope with the indignity of having nowhere safe to go to the toilet.

When at 1’45’’ in the above video a woman brings a bucket of dirty water to her mouth I couldn’t help but cringe and let out a soft whimper of annoyance, sadness and disgust.  Despite most of us living light years away from such realities, this is happening to real people with real lives.  And it is happening today.

WaterAid’s work is exciting also because its social marketing efforts are creative and engaging.  Just today in Westfield in Shepherd’s Bush (London), shoppers will be surprised with a 3D pavement drawing to draw their attention to what a dirty borehole looks like.  Below are some photos of the initial stages for the 3D drawing which WaterAid sent me – I am expecting this to be very exciting.  Use of ambient media has always been one of my favourite communication means because it is very often less intrusive and provides viewers with a special experience that is different from traditional forms of marketing.

Moreover, viewers from around the world will be able to share in the celebration of a borehole being dug as this will be streamed live online via YouTube.

This summer be part of something amazing, with WaterAid’s The Big Dig.


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  1. An essential and worthy cause. Something we take so easily for granted in most of the planet, and waste to extraordinary levels! £1.2M is not a lot of money. Just over the price of 2 scud missiles. Great that our Governments have their priorities right these days! Thanks for your ‘take’ on this Bernard!

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