Five posters on organ donation campaigns

I’m posting a series of adverts from separate organisations pushing for a change in attitudes towards organ donation.  The organisations whose posters are featured are, in the order in which they appear below, EBAI, Organ Donor Foundation, France ADOT, Vision Foundation of India and the Red Cross.

While most adults would be expected to have heard about the possibility to donate organs after one’s death, many may still be reluctant to sign up as donors. This is unfortunate since organ donation is considered as “the most cost-effective treatment for end-stage renal failure” as well as being the only remedy for liver, lung and heart failure (Lauri, 2006).

A smart social marketer will identify different encouragement mechanisms for all the stages of change to encourage people to initially consider becoming donors, then overcoming the initial reluctance and doubts about organ donation, to further interest themselves in the issue and to eventually overcome fear and inhibitions and register as donors.

While sounding effortless on paper, the process of change will undoubtedly be one which needs to be studied carefully by the social marketer to then be cleverly communicated to the target audiences.

It is interesting to note that four out of five posters make use of humour to push forward their messages.  One could debate on whether using humour linked to organ donation is intentional and meant to soften the blow of focusing people’s minds on what happens to their bodies after their demise.


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