The GFN looks at food banking to end hunger

In its tireless efforts towards alleviating hunger, the Global Food Banking Network asks if readers have ‘seen the face of hunger’.

I think that’s a very direct and clever way of putting a powerful concept into words and giving it a humane figure.  It may be easy to forget that a person who goes hungry is someone’s child, with a name, a face, a birthday and a story to tell.

This is not one fixed-term campaign as such, but rather an initiative that brings together a for-profit company (Kellogg’s) and its CSR commitments, and the sterling work done by an individual non-profit organisation.

The food banks supported by GFN operate in a way that allows food to be sourced from “farms, manufacturers, distributors, retail stores, consumers and other sources” and then provided to people in need “through a network of community agencies”.

Kellogg’s is supporting the effort by donating US $5.00 to The Global Food Banking Network for every person who provides it with feedback on its 2011 Corporate Responsibility Report.  You can click here to read the report, leave feedback and help GFN raise money.

I am told that as of Friday 15 June they have reached 10% of their goal.  Here’s hoping to more responses to Kellogg’s Corporate Responsibility Report to raise more funds for the GFN.


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