“A blog about what?”

This blog sees its inception in Soho, London.  I met a friend over a coffee somewhere in Old Compton Street sometime in early 2012, and having chatted away for some time, he surprises me with “You should start a blog”.  My initial reaction was to blurt out “A blog about what?”  Of course I knew what I was interested in, but I had not considered creating an online space where I could explore my interest further, and share it with people with a similar passion.

A few months down the line, here it is: a blog about social marketing campaigns which I find highly inspiring, creative and engaging but which are often neglected within the broader marketing domain.

For the sake of clarity, I define social marketing campaigns as marketing effort that aims to influence people’s beliefs or actions without financial profit for the marketer.  So campaigns that remind you to clean up after your dog, dispose of your rubbish thoughtfully and enjoy sex responsibly would be classified as social marketing campaigns.

While traditional (for-profit) marketing is awarded a lot of undivided attention, social marketing is often relegated to a paragraph or two in a marketing textbook, and may sometimes not be considered as marketing effort at all.  That is unfortunate because while researching creativity in social marketing campaigns for my thesis, I came across plenty of campaigns that deserve to be shared and from which traditional marketing could learn a lot.

By means of this blog, I aim to collect the social marketing campaigns which I find most inspiring and which I believe are campaigns worth sharing.


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