Child abuse - neglect

The organisation behind this effort is the Australian Childhood Foundation (website, Twitter). I like the use of ambient media that makes the life-sized mannequin look like a child trapped behind an advertising poster.   Advertisements

Less guns more roses

The Argentinian disarmament organisation Programa Nacional de Disarme Civil made clever reference to the Californian band in this poster released a while back.  

Amnesty - Flag Angola

Today is Blog Action Day 2013 and the topic of discussion is human rights worldwide. Join the conversation on Twitter using the #Bad2013 and #HumanRights hash tags. This website’s contribution to Blog Action Day 2013 are four posters that Amnesty International (website, Twitter) released a few years back.

Book Burning Party Troy Michigan

I am reproducing this effort having first stumbled across it on Scope’s blog. It took place in Troy, Michigan in 2012. Books are burnt, people are angered and heads are turned.  Eventually, hearts are too. It is cheap and effective, and reminds us that the future of communication is more digital than ever.  

Lauren Luke Refuge domestic violence

I recently went to the Connecting for Good workshop as part of Social Media Week London and someone mentioned this campaign about domestic violence that I was unfamiliar with. The organisation Lauren Luke speaks of is called Refuge (website, Twitter).

Spiral change - Prochaska & DiClemente

[This post is about the stages taken for a change in behaviour to take place.  It may be particularly useful for social marketers working on influencing their audience’s behaviour.  It contains references to social marketing literature.]   Success in social marketing campaigns can be harder to establish and pinpoint.  Prochaska and DiClemente’s (1983) Stages of […]

campaigns:worth:sharing on Twitter

Non-profit organisations are increasingly focusing their efforts on reaching their audiences on a digital level.  Social media, virtually inexistent a decade ago, has become a space that organisations must become proficient in and conversant with. Follow campaigns:worth:sharing on Twitter – tweeting (and retweeting) about social marketing campaigns, social media practices, digital innovations, non-profit work, politics, current […]